How to choose your protein?

After seeing the benefits of consuming protein powder in THE FOLLOWING ITEM , we will see today how to choose .

Although we discuss this in detail in the third Podcast with Julien Venesson : LISTEN TO THE PODCAST, it seems important to take written here .



What are the main criteria ” decisive ” choice of a protein ?

1 - Quality - Transparency brand

It is very hard to know the quality of protein we consume. Fortunately some brands are traces of “transparency” , and finally more than others by providing us with analyzes as Scitec Nutrition I chose to sell mainly SUPERPHYSIQUE NUTRITION

This is not the only brand of course :)

Thus, we can ensure that our protein supplement contains no dopant and beautiful product and what it currently on the packaging.

2 - Whey , Casein , Soy , Eggs … ?

CLICK HERE TO KNOW FOR PROTEIN POWDER . This is the reference article on the net about the advantages and disadvantages of each protein on the market .

In summary , we choose the whey or casein following the time of the day or you want to use ( Whey day and after training , casein before sleeping ) .

3 - Isolate or Concentrate ?

Personally, I think Whey Concentrate enough for most of us and that’s what I eat personally.
However, those who do not digest all the lactose must turn completely to isolate

As the casein is in micellar ( total milk protein ) form it is to be consumed .

Gold standard whey

We will see in the second part the other 3 criteria ” decisive ” about the choice of a protein before seeing how to use them .

Skake all good :)

4 - The taste of your protein

Even if some do not hesitate to say that it is a secondary factor , personally I think it is one of the key in the choice of its protein requirements. Who wants to pay for something to drink tasteless , disgusting see ?

5 - The dilution of your protein ?

It is also important that your protein is diluted well . There is nothing worse than eating lumps as is the case with many who say brand quality .

It may also be facing the opposite effect and is already happened to me was a protein that does not mix at all and only the foam, what those sellers meet us to expect several minutes before drinking , like taking protein powder to wait before taking it while it is just to save time that we take !

6 - The price of your protein ?

Finally , the last criterion, but not least, the price! Found prices ranging from single to double , my advice is to carefully analyze your choice of protein based on previous 5 criteria and see if it deserves its price.

You’re not going to pay 100 euros ( for example) a protein with a taste infected, which does not mix or and there is no guarantee of quality !

My choice of protein :



Those who follow me already know, my choice is the 100% Whey professionnal for:

- The transparency of the brand quality : analysis of each batch.
- The source of protein : Whey protein
- The taste : I ‘ve never found such a good protein
- Dilution : She even mix with a spoon.
- Price : Very reasonable in light of the above criteria .

The only downside we could blame him is that he is a concentrated but as we saw in the first part of this article , it is sufficient for 99% of us easily :)

Shaker all good :)

Science of training : basic concepts

Basic principles of the science of training for beginners in bodybuilding . Discover how to stimulate muscle hypertrophy , what are the different types of muscle fibers and how to create an anabolic environment.

Progressive overload hypertrophy
The most important principle that should include anyone who started in bodybuilding is that of progressive overload . This concept must be the foundation of all your efforts in training. The muscle is one of the most suitable body tissue ; it becomes stronger and bigger due to regular overload. It is for this reason that the drive is only beneficial when the overload is increased as the sessions , which will lead to an increase of the force and volume of body tissue. Muscles develop , the skeleton is strengthened , and the nervous system becomes more efficient in the recruitment of muscle activity.

The different types of muscle fibers
Skeletal muscle consists of two fundamental types of fibers .

The fast twitch (FT)
These fibers generate higher voltage and have the greatest potential for development. However, they are less resistant to fatigue.

The slow-twitch fibers (ST)
These fibers produce a lower voltage , but have a high endurance capacity . Their development potential is lowest

Some muscle fibers combine features of fiber to slow and fast twitch . They produce more voltage than the ST , but the FT months are slower than FT , but slower than the ST , and their endurance capacity is superior to FT , but lower than the ST. Their development potential is moderate. Individuals with a higher percentage of fast-twitch fibers have an advantage in optimizing hypertrophy ( increase in muscle size ) . However, as a practicing beginner , your goal is to grow all the fibers and for this purpose , you use a very wide range of strength training techniques.

Strength gains that beginners usually make during the 6-8 weeks of training does not usually accompanied by a development of muscle fibers. The nervous system adapts to new stimuli first , which helps optimize strength from existing muscle capacity. It was only after about six weeks hypertrophy becomes more evident and contributes to a further increase in strength.

Create an anabolic environment
Our weight varies little from one day to another , which leads some people to believe (wrongly) that their body is in equilibrium . In reality, this is not the case at all . The human body is constantly degrade or build muscle tissue . In the first case , it is called catabolism : protein degradation is carried out faster than their synthesis. The catabolism is caused by heavy workout and can also be the result of a dietary deficiency .
Anabolism is the opposite: the body is at rest and has the nutrients it needs . The proteins are therefore more to muscle building and the production of energy.

A common mistake among many beginners is to believe that their musculature develops during the sessions , which opens the door to overtraining . At the gym , the body is in a state of catabolism, making molecular degradation to produce the fuel needed for training. During recovery ( hours and days ) after training, your goal should be to maintain anabolism , ie conducive to the continuous development achieved by stimulating protein synthesis phase. Reminder: if you spend more training time to recover, you will not gain muscle.

Rowing machine convergent Strength Exercises for the back

A well defined and muscular back is something rare in the gyms . Most practitioners tend to favor the exercises for the chest or arms, and forget the rear face . With the thighs , the back is the most under trained muscle group. If you are in this case, it will take you correct this and get serious .

The rowing sitting convergent Machine Hammer Strength is a great exercise to work the thickness of back safely. The machine replicates the exercise of rowing without its drawbacks. Support the bust on the desk allows for good posture, while reducing tension in the lower back and spine. This training exercise is a good alternative to rowing bar bust leaning or horizontal draw low pulley .

The rowing machine Hammer Strength can be realized with one arm ( unilateral ) or both. This is then equivalent dumbbell rowing movement , which carried with one arm , to better feel the contraction and stretching .

This training exercise seeks primarily the dorsal muscles, trapezius and rhomboids ; secondarily , the rear shoulders , biceps and forearms. Of course, taking the spacing of the hands and the seat height will affect the muscles worked.

Running the exercise
Starting position, sitting on the machine , chest against the desk, arms outstretched and hands in a neutral grip ( hammer) . Pull the handles towards you , keeping your back straight. Strongly contracting the lats and middle back (muscular blocking ) by pulling out the shoulders back and bringing the elbows as far as possible. Then return to the starting position. Keep the chest pressed against the support from beginning to end and start with arms outstretched .

Although chest out during the year, and keep arms nearly straight but without completely tender .

Your questions on rowing machine
How to breathe in the draw to the converging machine?
We must open the chest and keep the chest out. The respiration is then inverted relative to the other pulling exercises . Inhale bringing the handles toward the chest, and exhale as reducing the load in the initial position.

How well do the rowing to the converging machine?
Doing the rowing machine , keep the torso against the back for not giving momentum back straight with your lower back slightly arched . During the negative phase does not fully extend your arms .

What is the effect on the back if the hands are away ?
Decision , the spacing of the hands and the seat height mobilize back muscles differently. By setting the low seat , you will get the handle above, and thus biasing the top of the back . Conversely , by moving the lower handle toward the abs be targeted more of the lower back muscles. In all cases , to take on the dorsal , attention will leave from the shoulders forward in the negative phase of the movement, and you pull your elbows back in the contraction phase .
Discarding hands, we target more outside of the back ; by approximating the interior .
Hand hold supine ( palms up ) seek more lower lats ; the overhand grip , the upper portion .

I hurt before when I do this exercise. What to do?
Staying lean against the desk during movement is not pleasant thing . It’s hard to breathe , and can even be painful (sternum ) . This is particularly the case with machines that support (folder) too narrow. According to experts , these pains come a sternum not yet ossified ( young practitioners ) , and it may even hurt in some cases (ribs) . It will so be careful with this type of machine.
You can work with an arm to reduce weight and therefore the pressure on the chest .

Are there variations of this exercise?
There are several variants. We can do rowing in the ” T” bar on the same type of machine but with a panel at 45 degrees, or squarely on flat bench with a straight bar .

10 tips for beginners

Beginners in bodybuilding is often embedded in a huge amount of information , not knowing where to turn . Evidence there is , the various bodybuilding forums or beginner does not know how to move , sailing non-stop from program to program .

This article therefore aims to summarize the 10 essential points on which a beginner should focus in order to start to .

1 - Make your genetics
Everyone is not ” cut ” V , is not to have 45 arms naturally. It is ca genetics, we must deal with it. You must agree to have muscles that grow slower than others to have purpose or size large bones.
But accept your genetics, it does not mean giving up progress, even on your weak points! Is to be realistic and not dreaming about the unattainable ( Looking like Arnold for example).

2 - Learn to be patient
Have you ever heard someone say he did not want to force too much for fear of taking too fast muscle?
Well , know, unfortunately, gain muscle is a long journey of several months , years, decades see ! It progresses slowly and looks like Dorian Yates, 6 times Mr Olympia , in analogy with the construction of a house, brick by brick is laid .
If you are regular and persistent , you will always be rewarded one day or the other.

3 - Avoid Injury: Warm up and stretch
Sometimes when we train , we started , we feel as invincible , indestructible, as if nothing was going , could not stop us.
Unfortunately, this period does not last long . All practitioners with many years of training behind them will tell you. The human body is not made to lift every day of the cast.
This is why you should take care of your body. As to progress , we must continue. Warming up and stretching are two practices that you should incorporate into your training , mandatory .
Warm up before each session, even if you ‘re in a hurry , even remove your exercise program. This is better than getting hurt .
And stretch after each session, or even do sessions dedicated to stretching to stay flexible and not stiff. It soon came to tear a muscle during a violent stretch a little during exercise when you are not flexible enough .

4 - Keep it simple
I’ll tell you a story. There a few years ago , I knew someone who had a training program while it was more commonplace. He progressed steadily without encountering any particular problem.
Gradually, he began to focus on the why and how . Why this program worked ? Why do not ca ca ?
He changed his program , always doing something more outlandish .
Two years later, he had lost more than 10 kg, and ready 5cm arms!
This does not mean that you should not take an interest in understanding the training , but remember to keep it simple when it comes to developing your bodybuilding program . Do not spread yourself by going to the last so-and -so program boasts. Keep it simple !

5 - Have a balanced program
Want pecs , shoulders and arms , I suppose?
But what is it - back, thighs and other muscle groups ?
If you work the muscles of the ” front ” of course, you will gain muscle “face” but it will only last a while, until the injury.
By not balancing the forces of both sides of the joints, you do not develop evenly , you force your hand , the injury and losing your hard earned muscles . So while working your muscles, do not forget any !

6 - Leave your ego in the closet
We are told constantly need to heavy, yet heavy, growing heavy.
But heavy , it does not mean too heavy. You must , as a beginner , learn the various exercises properly with impeccable technique.
You must control your movements, and not vice versa , let yourself be guided by the load.
In addition, everyone cares whether you put 30 or 50 lbs!
Are, again, patient. Expenses will rise gradually , with good technique.

7 - Do not neglect your diet
If there ‘s one thing to neglect by most practitioners , it is their power . If you want to move “quickly” , you must have a suitable diet , which allow you to feed your muscles recover faster .
It is not for nothing that many champions cite nutrition as the predominant factor in their results ( before training , rest, and doping ) . Without going to the , be aware that if you neglect this aspect of bodybuilding, you do not will progress as quickly as possible.

8 - Take supplements ?
No sooner they start as beginners want to buy protein powder or other supplements touted by the last champion.
Even before a “diet” , a diet adapted to bodybuilding !
As if the supplements had a magical effect , they were required to progress. Before considering the purchase of a particular supplement , you must have a diet , a suitable diet is based .
After that, add supplements will help. But do not buy anything without looking at the composition without knowing what you actually buy . Read the labels , compare , and only after , depending on your budget , buy but expect to blow up your sleeves t-shirt after the first dose . It’s like training , dietetics, all progress is made on the long-term duration .
So do not expect miracle supplements in the short term .

9 - Set goals for yourself
What do you want , what should you do to get it, how to get there as quickly as possible?
These are the questions you need to consider when developing your sessions .
To train randomly until the progress out of the hat is the worst thing to do when you start .
You must set reasonable goals for each session for each week , each month, to keep up your “home.”
Otherwise, you will always remain in réez floor and never climb to the top floor . Plan your workout depending on your goal, do not leave to chance.

10 - The trap doping
It always shocks me .
A beginner is training a few weeks , hears of products without knowing what it is about and decided to take without knowing exactly what to expect .
Anabolic steroids are the basis of medicines. They are not made for sports use . It is in some ways one of their “secondary” effects. If only it was the only one.
As derived from male hormone , testosterone, most of the time , you should really expect many side effects this time such as hair loss , acne , gynecomastia … and more seriously the development of cancer of any kind !
Do not fall into the trap because there is nothing to gain dope , nothing! Not even money , because in bodybuilding , except for a handshake and a cup, you ‘ll have “nothing.”
Progress for yourself and not for others at your level.